How To Set Up A Business In Free Zone?

Freezone  Business Setup and Company Formation in Dubai

Are you a foreigner looking to invest in the UAE for a business venture? Well, you’ve come to the
right place. Today, we’re going to guide you about the free zones in the country. “What are free
zones”, you ask? Special areas where you can start businesses while retaining 100% of its ownership
under your name.
Free zones allow people of all nationalities to start businesses here. Of course, there are certain
policies regarding each zone that may differ for each zone based on the free zone authority active
there. But overall, it’s a good opportunity to capitalize on one of the best markets out there.

Advantages of Free Zone Businesses

There are a number of advantages to launching a firm in a free zone. For starter, we’re listing down

10 reasons why:
1. 3 Year UAE Resident Visa
2. 100% Profit Repatriation
3. Zero Import/Export Duties
4. Freedom to Hire Expatriates
5. Minimum Freight Charges
6. 24/7 Unrestricted Operability
7. 100% Business Ownership
8. Low-Cost Uninterrupted Energy
9. Streamlined Immigration
10. 0% Corporate/Personal Taxes

And these are just a few of the benefits you get. There are several free zones spread all across the
UAE. Interested in setting up your new firm at a free zone yet? If not, following some more
advantages to further pique your interest:

● Unique industry clustering and purpose-built infrastructure
● Simplified start-up methods with easy licensing procedures
● Single-window administration for effective communication
● Progressive business policies and lenient government laws
● Free funds transfer with zero foreign exchange controls
● Zero income tax deductions on registered free zone firms
● Visa provision for availing budget-friendly skilled workers

Steps of Setting Up a Business in Free Zone

Now that you know what you’re getting into, let’s get into how you can get it going. Following are the
steps you need to follow to establish your business at a free zone in the UAE.


Decide An Entity Name

The next step is to decide your business entity’s name. In order to get the best name, you should
keep multiple factors in mind. You should ensure that the name is available through the local zone
authorities, and check the domain availability.


Determine Primary Business

The first thing you need to do is to decide what kind of business you want to set up. Some kinds of
business entities may not be permitted to involve in other business activities (e.g. traders can’t be
involved in professional services).


Finalize Office Space

Finally, decide where you want your office to be. There are various practical zone areas you can
choose from for your firm. Plus, you can easily purchase a space or lease it based on your


Apply For Registration

Now, you need to register your company for a business license. You’ll need to submit a few
documents to the free zone authority, based on your primary business activity. You can avail
assistance from said authority to know what documents you need according to your business type.

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